Purebred Gypsy Cob Gelding for Sale ~ Surrey Springs Paddington

​2 years old bay and white Purebred Gypsy Cob gelding by Kintara Sandstorm from The Black Teddy Mare.

​Gypsy Cobs are renowned for their tractable natures​  and calm temperaments.

Paddington ​raises the bar. This bay and white son of our beloved Teddy Mare ​has blown us away with his willingness to have a go at anything.

His obvious ​enjoyment of learning new things​ coupled with the most calm​ ​temperament and love of people makes him a joy to work with.

​Paddington is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL for a young horse.

Melinda likes to take the youngstock through the "Scary Spooky Obstacles" before they are sold. Much to our utter amazement, Paddington ​followed Melinda willingly through ​the entire course without a h​alter. ​Paddington was ​obviously fascinated by and curious about, all the flapping flags ​and banging things that generally require some habituation and would have most hot-blooded breeds having a meltdown. He will just about do anything for food and ​his love of people but is n​ever rude or pushy​. 

The photos and video below ​show his first encounter with "the scary things". We were all blown away by how much he took it all in his stride and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Paddington leads, floats picks up his feet and will follow his handler anywhere.

We expect Paddington to mature ​from 14.1 to 14.2hh. He has quality bone​, joints and conformation and is open to any vet check.

​This pure bred Gypsy Cob gelding is one in a million and would be an excellent choice for someone who wants an intelligent, easy to train horse who is no bother at all and as affectionate as a dog.

Likewise, such an extraordinary horse also needs a special human that will appreciate ​what he is and offer him the quality of home he deserves.

Sale Price $10,000 plus GST ​

Bay and white gypsy cob gelding sales preparation Australia

Melinda showing Paddington what she wants him to do with his feet

Buckskin homozygous tobiano Gypsy Cob stallion Australia
Gypsy Cob mare imported from England to Australia. Lives in Victoria.

The Black Teddy Mare

Prebred Gypsy Cob gelding for sale Australia impeccable temperament

Up on the tractor tyre for the first time