Stem Cell Treatment Fundraiser for Nelly Jaehne

Surrey Springs are offering one service each to the Gypsy Cob colts Surrey Springs Armani and Surrey Springs Sangreal for the 2015 breeding season at the special price of $1000 (AI only) in aid of Nelly’s fund raising campaign to receive stem cell treatment for her MS.

You can click on this link if you prefer to make a direct donation.

Mares must have a clean bill of health and have no serious conformation faults so photos will be required.

The applicants will be randomly selected by Nelly (the old pull the names out of the hat trick) smiley and must deposit the funds into the above link within 14 days of notification. AI collection fees of $220.00 will be due and payable to Surrey Springs and our usual LFG will be in place.

Please note this offer does not apply to pure bred Gypsy Cob mares

Silver dapple Gypsy Cob stallion Armani Surrey Springs Australia

Silver dapple Gypsy Cob Surrey Springs Armani

Surrey Springs Armani

Black Silver Dapple Gypsy Cob colt by The Chocolatier (imp UK & USA) from The Black Teddy Mare (imp UK)

Current height 13.3hh expected height at maturity 14 -14.1hh

Armani has an exceptional temperament. He is a very well conformed pony and would be ideal to breed harness horses, children’s ponies or galloways. He is a very quick learner and has the typical people loving character that Cobs are renowned for.

Gypsy cobs stallion Victoria, Australia Surrey Springs Sangreal

Black and white Gypsy Cob Colt Sangreal

Surrey Springs Sangreal

Black and white Gypsy Cob colt by The Paladin (imp UK) from Ivy (imp UK)

Current height 15hh expected to mature to 15.2hh

Sangreal is an extremely athletic Cob who would be best suited to breeding sport horse types. He is very light on his feet and displays massive ground covering movement. He has a tonne of presence inherited off his dad and has some great old working bloodlines behind him. He is very responsive in hand and loves a job to do. This is a horseman’s horse and a good choice for performance mares.

Please PM Nelly with mare details via her Facebook page by clicking here

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